The real estate market has experimented a shift in recent years and it has been shown that the risks that before were overlooked can be very expensive and should be avoided by prudence. Obviously, it’s good to have a spanish lawyer when you are going to buy a house.

Here we have a list of 20 common mistakes when purchasing a house:

1) do numbers as many do not have financial literacy, nor to advise on the entire operation of purchase

2) forget that the price of the house is necessary to add approximately a 10% vat or itp and paperwork

3) ignore the operation of the mortgage, as well as their expenses and taxes

4) to avoid additional costs, recurring, as disbursements do not stop at the time of signature, but after there is light, water, community, insurance, maintenance, ibi…

5) spend all the money on the house and forget it has to be furnished, and we have to remain always a money for incidentals as may be a health problem or simply the repair of a car

6) do not request an appraisal prior to the building or property to verify not only its value, but that all the property is in order

7) ignore the fact that the Euribor is ultra low and that it is logical that it will rise. Many people do not know how much you will have to pay if the Euribor is placed in the 3, 4 or 5%

8) open mortgages a very, very long beyond 25 years of age who tend to be good business for the bank and one bad for the owner

9) Borrow up to 30% of the income not only is a recommendation of the bank of Spain (bde), but that is a criterion of prudence, for if the family’s income reduces

10) Ask for a cosigner parents, family members or friends with what you run the risk that in the event of non-payment not only have been a problem, but two.

11) not looking for statistics to see if a property is expensive or cheap by comparing it with data portals real estate, ministry of housing…

12) to think that housing always goes up and to plan personal finances around that mantra

13) ignoring the real-estate agencies, which today are a good tool for getting affordable prices

14) not negotiating the price for fear that the seller gets angry

15) immerse yourself in the feelings and buy a house with the heart and not the head

16) Commit to buy a VPO without that it will be for many years and then it’s an inconvenience to change of house

17) allow themselves to Be influenced by any pressure, as a rise in vat, the end of an account of housing, or of the relief which can make you take a hasty decision to buy

18) think that prices have touched ground, and that, therefore, it is the best time to buy, because not everyone thinks the same of all the areas

19) don’t assess if it’s worth it to live in rent because the Spanish culture is to buy

20) do not have a long-term view and buy a home without estimate that within a few years we may need another home due to a change of job or the number of people in a family

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